Vitamin D: Vitamin D is not only a vitamin, but it also act as a hormone that our body synthesizes from cholesterol once our skin is synthesized to UVB rays from the sun.

Regulation of around 2000 genes associated with Vitamin D. All our Healthy bones, muscle health, brain, pregnancy, immune system, and heart health are associated under the sun. Vitamin D deficiency causes many more health issues.

Vitamin D helps to balance minerals in our body like calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorous for maintenance healthy bones and mineralization.

Vitamin D acts as antioxidants that support regulating the immune system, supports a healthy cardiovascular system, minimize and regulates blood sugar level act as a neurotransmitter.

Vitamin D receptors found in most organs in the body      - intestine, pancreas, kidney, lungs, thyroid. Vitamin D essential for the normal structure and functions of bones and muscles.

Deficiency causes a skeletal disorder that results in weakening and softening of the bones.

Deficiency increases the risk of bone fractures & weakening of the muscles.

Brain and nervous get affected due to deficiency of Vitamin D.

It causes sleep difficulties due to the Deficiency of Vitamin D.

Pregnancy complications: Vitamin D deficiency causes an imbalance in the blood sugar level, increase blood pressure, premature birth, low birthweight. Newborn to 3 years old babies are getting respiratory health issues due to deficiency of Vitamin D.

Women with Vitamin D deficiency(<54 nmol/L (21.6 ng/mL) gave birth to children who had blood sugar imbalance compare to a woman gave birth to children with prenatal vitamin D levels of >89 nmol/L (35.6 ng/mL).

Vitamin D reduces the complication of the heart and blood vessels. 600-4000IU of vitamin D3 decreases the stiffness of blood vessels. Increases metabolism, regulates our blood sugar level. Obese peoples having Vitamin D difference. Vitamin D plays a vital role in losing bodyweight.


Natural source: Vitamin D3 cholecalciferol animal-based – fatty fish, egg yolks, & cod liver oils. Vitamin D Ergocalciferol plant-based – shitake mushrooms.

Recommended Dosage: Pregnancy & Lactation : 1500-2000 IU(38-50mcg) FDA Approved : 600 IU (15mcg)