Zinc plays a vital role in our daily life
    Trace minerals (required in small quantity)
    Zinc is Essential Cofactors
    Co-factors helps inactivation of enzymes which are protein-to build tissues, helps to detoxify
    Zinc involved in 300 protein enzymes
    Turns Genes on or off
    Involve in cellular DNA level
    Deficiency causes not to grow properly
    Deficiency -causes Hypogonadism- the body can’t produce enough testosterone
    Deficiency - makes us not to get sensitive taste/smell
    It lowers our Immune system susceptible to with infections, viruses especially lung diseases.
    Zinc plays a vital role in sleep
    Act as a neurotransmitter of the brain especially in locus coeruleus (involved in psychological responses to stress and panic)- involved sleep and wake cycle.
    Involved metabolism of melatonin- which is stimulated by darkness helps you for sleep
    Calming effect on our central nervous system.
    People get enough zinc who sleeps for 7-9hours a day
    Peoples facing zinc deficiency - who sleep less than 7 hours a day
    Peoples consuming high carbohydrate diets having a deficiency of zinc
    Especially grains which are rich in a fiber called phytic acid which blocks the production of zinc.
    Chelated zinc is a better option
    Chelated zinc is fast absorption and gentle on the stomach
    Zinc to be taken in the evening
    Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Vitamin B6 are the supplements causes calming effects on CNS
    Natural sources - Shellfish, Red meat, Seafood especially Oyster food are rich in zinc.

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